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sunny leone xnxx The steaks arrived and I drank some more wine with the meal as we all ate the perfectly prepared ribeyes and the accompanying side dishes sunny leone xnxx. Jen and Gloria’s hands only left my cock to occasionally cut their steaks.

We had just finished eating when the girls arrived sliding in alongside Ariel. sunny leone xnxx They looked amazing! They both looked like they were twenty something instead of barely legal teens. Ariel introduced them to Gloria and Jen and they both greeted me.

Well daddy, you certainly have yourself surrounded by hot women tonight sunny leone xnxx. Amy somewhat icily commented brazzers xnxx.

You couldn’t cut the tension at the table with a steak knife کیر تو کس.

Boy I’ll say. Shelly chimed in. Looks like we’re chopped liver now!

All five of them then laughed sunny leone xnxx. Lightening the mood at the table. I felt two hands tightly squeezing my dick.

Your dad is in good hands. Ariel commented. It was like she knew what was going on under the table. These two are my very best friends and they’ll take care of him just fine until you three are all back together.

Now, you two run along, you’ve got a show to put on for all the horny customers in the club. We don’t want to disappoint them! We’ll be front and center stage to watch you perform.

After the girls left to get ready, Jen and Gloria complemented Ariel on her new stars.

Wow, those two just reek of sexuality! sunny leone xnxx commented. That Shelly is a hot little number with that rack. She reminds me of a petite Jen. And Amy, what a beautiful ginger! I love redheads.

So does her dad. Ariel added with a coy grin.

So we hear. Jen looked at me as she gave my cock a good squeeze. In more ways than one.

It was obvious Ariel had shared my bedding of Amy with her partners

Well, let’s head into the club. The girls will be taking the stage soon sunny leone xnxx. Ariel slid out of the booth. We did so too, and followed her into the club.

فلم سکس ایرانی
Amy and Shelly’s girl on girl show

As we followed Ariel into the Gentleman’s Club, I couldn’t help admiring her sexy gown and hot body. Her gown was, as it seemed to always be, sheer and see through. I knew her body so well, it took no imagination on my part, to visualize her naked.

The club was very dark. It took several seconds for my eyes to adjust to the low light. sunny leone xnxx Once they had, I noticed several patrons, mainly men but also a good number of women, and of course, many of the clubs entertainers, in the audience.

She led us to the front of the main stage to the same booth we’d sat the night before. On the stage bouncers were busy setting it up for the girl’s performance. I sat between Jen and Gloria with Ariel on my left next to sunny leone. On the table was a bottle Ariel’s favorite port wine.

Just what I needed, more alcohol, I’d probably be a wreck in the morning. sunny leone xnxx As she poured us all a glass of the sweet strong port she told us what was going on.

The girls spent most of the afternoon making their costumes and stage props. They are both very imaginative and I think they were both made for the entertainment industry, especially this one. She continued. Then they rehearsed the show they were planning a couple of times.

That was something to watch! The customers will be wanting more and it will boost the business of our girl’s private dancing and entertaining in the VIP room. sunny leone xnxx Just wait and you’ll see what I mean.

The bouncers left the stage and the lighting slowly brightened to a soft glow.

The stage was set up to resemble a forest scene

The DJ came across the loudspeaker. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and please welcome to the Boots and Skirts Playhouse stage, last night’s new sensation, Swallow!

Airy forest music began to play and Shelly seemed to fly onto the stage from behind a large mock tree. Her outfit was spectacular سکس آمریکایی
. sunny leone xnxx Like the night before, her hair was iridescent blue like a barn swallow’s feathers.

Her face was made up to resemble the bird also. The iridescent blue cape that she used to resemble a bird’s wings the previous night was replaced by a sheer blue cloth attached to her arms. Gone were the blue sequined bra and thong.

She wore an iridescent blue bodysuit with the front cut out, her large breasts were bare. From under her breasts down to her naked crotch was a white corset.

Barefooted she seemed to fly around the stage. sunny leone xnxx It was an impressive sight.

Men began approaching the stage with money, trying to entice her to them. She swooped in and collected the various currency bills with her large breasts. Then deposited the money into a pile by the tree she entered from.

Wow! Jen exclaimed. I’m impressed. What a great costume and those boobs, they are huge for her little body, just like my Kris.

For sure. Gloria added. I’m getting hot and turned on just watching her sunny leone xnxx. The customers love her too, she’s raking in the cash.

It’s going to get much better in a moment. Ariel commented.

Suddenly Swallow seemed to crash into the tree while depositing the money in front of it. The crowd let out a gasp. Shelly fell to the floor in a spread eagle position.

The DJ spoke. It seems as though our Swallow has injured herself. sunny leone xnxx Let’s hope a forest animal doesn’t find her before she recovers.

The music changed from the light and airy forest sounds to a sinister jungle beat. Oh no! The DJ commented. It looks as though an animal is coming her way! Let’s hope it doesn’t see her! It’s looks like it’s a fox.

It is a fox. Put your hands together for Red Foxy! The crowd began clapping and Amy appeared on the stage.

Red Foxy, what a stage name for Amy. Her outfit was just as amazing as Shelly’s. Amy had her face made up to resemble a fox.

complete with the pointy ears. sunny leone xnxx She wore a reddish orange bodysuit also cutout at her breasts. The lower part of her arms were covered with black sleeves and her lower legs were covered with skintight black leggings. From her throat to her naked crotch she also wore a white corset. To complete the outfit.

she had an apparent butt plug in her ass with a fox’s tail attached.

I questionably looked at Ariel

she wanted something to really set off the outfit. After we talked about it at length, سکس ضربدری
she decided that that the butt plug with a fox tail was the way to go. She also said it would help her get ready for you. She explained.

I could feel the blood rush to my face. Next to me Gloria and Jen giggled. If I could have found a hole to crawl into I would have sunny leone xnxx. The implication was there that I was going to fuck Amy in her ass. True, but still a bit embarrassing.

It’s okay Thorn, Jen and I will let you practice on us first! Gloria put her hand on my crotch and unzipped my fly releasing my hard cock sunny leone xnxx. She stroked it to its full extension. Both women chuckled again.

On the stage Red Foxy danced her way around as customers presented her cash

Then she approached and circled around Swallow depositing the bills in Shelly’s pile. She dropped to her hands and knees sunny leone xnxx. First she appeared to sniff at various parts of Swallow’s limp body.

She ran her hands along the curves of the prone Swallow’s breasts and lower body.سکس خارجی
She dipped her head to Swallows breasts and took each nipple alternately into her mouth.

sucking and nibbling on each one sunny leone xnxx. Her tongue periodically was visible as she also licked Shelly’s large boobs. Swallow began to stir. Then came fully awake.

Oh my! Who are you? Swallow spoke.

It is I, Red Foxy, and I am going to eat you. You taste yummy!

sunny leone xnxx indian champion Give A Penis Sucking Lesson
sunny leone xnxx
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